I called a couple of times last week but reached the VM, so I thought this might be the next best contact method. I did not wish to leave a long message.

I’m a journalist with US Headline New Corp, and I would like to speak in reference to a positive piece I am writing.

To be extremely clear, this is not a solicitation of any type. We would never require compensation to be involved with our articles.
This is an editorial. ( Feel free to Google or visit usaheadlinenewscorp.com)

This is an interesting series of “stand-alone” pieces that we are writing for local papers and news outlets titled “The Stories of Local Businesses””.

Basically, we would like to hear about your experiences, origin story, opinions on different aspects of business, things to that effect.

Happy to send a detailed overview, then we can set up a pre-interview call from that juncture.
This is my phone gmail contact, but all of my main contact info is below, and they can feel free to call me anytime as well.

Scott Penner
US Headline News Corp
s.penner@usheadlinenewscorp .com Phone email : spenner.ushnews@gmail.com
Newsroom: (877) 927-9666 x718
Cell: (732) 986-9815