About Leo

My name’s Leo. Leo Patrick Winthorpe III.

How I found my way to Glen Rock Vet.

A friend’s of Dr. S had a sister who knew there was a cat left behind when people had moved. That cat was me. I had no food or water. They thought I was a female.

When Dr. S found out, he told his friend’s sister that he couldn’t personally take any more cats but bring her in, we’ll get her spayed and put up for adoption. Like Reba, I was filthy also. I’d been hiding in the back of this place and had no litter. I was very skinny too because I didn’t have any food. 

At first I didn’t know where I’d been taken so I was aggressive, hissing and growling. Dr. S and his crew showed me so much kindness. He petted me. One day I was ready to reciprocate and show that I knew these people were there to help me. I gave them the lick of approval from then on.