Reba’s Story

My name is Reba. Before I was the famous blogger you see here, I had a wild ride. I was in a house with 45 to 50 cats in South Orange, some of whom were dead. Jennifer from Glen Rock Vet found out about this over-crowded and unhealthy situation and was my guardian angel who got me out of there and into my family with Dr. S and Leo. 

Dr. S aimed to get me healthy enough to be adopted, if possible.

I had chronic sneezing because of the dirty environment I came from. It took a month to clean me up.

I couldn’t be bathed because I was so weak. Every day my future family at Glen Rock Vet would brush me. I couldn’t walk. Where I’d come from, there were so many boxes and things to climb over that I only knew how to try to go over things and didn’t know how to walk on a regular floor. I could only stumble.

It turned out that it wasn’t simple to find me a family because I needed intense medical care and I’ve got some chronic issues from the place I came from. 

Dr. S brought me back to health and now I’ve got a whole new life with Leo, not to mention a blogging career. You just never know where life’s going to take you. Join us for the ride.