How Reba and Leo Became a Team

Both rescues from separate scary, filthy environments, Leo and Reba were originally kept separate while being nursed back to health at Glen Rock Vet. 

One Sunday, Dr. S came into the office to do paperwork. A friend had asked if he could use a computer and was working upstairs while Dr. S worked downstairs. The friend didn’t know Reba and Leo were being kept separate because of their fragile conditions. He unwittingly let them out with each other.

All of a sudden, Dr. S looked up at the security cameras and saw Reba and Leo running and playing together in the hallway. He ran upstairs to make sure everything was okay. Initially, they’d been kept separate because they were both weak and sick and importantly, needed to be spayed and neutered, which at this point Leo had been (Reba was still too weak).

Ever since that day, they’ve been inseparable friends.

And now co-bloggers.

Don’t you love teams who work and play well together?